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When you see 'extended' or 'longer life' it simply means higher capacity resulting in a longer charge.

These batteries are the same size as the original.

When the description has 'extended with back cover' the battery is larger and will be sent with a brand new cover in the colour you choose.

This is because the battery is thicker than the original battery. These batteries have a significantly longer battery life than the standard capacity.

Since 'extended with back cover' batteries are thicker any existing accessories such as a cradle, case or dock will no longer be fit for purpose. (The pictures are for illustration purpose only.)


When charging the battery for the first time your device may indicate that charging is complete after just 10 or 15 minutes. This is a normal phenomenon (known as memory effect) with rechargeable batteries. Simply remove the battery from the device and repeat the charging procedure.

It is important to condition (fully discharge and then fully charge) the battery every two to three weeks. Failure to do so may significantly shorten the battery's life (this does not apply to Li-ion Battery, which do not require conditioning). To discharge, simply run your device under the battery's power until it shuts down or until you get a low battery warning. Then recharge the battery as instructed in your user's manual.

It is normal for a battery to become warm during charging and discharging.

A charged battery will eventually lose its charge if unused. It may therefore be necessary to recharge the battery after a storage period.


The Capacity of the battery is indicated by the milliamp-hour (mAH) rating. The mAH of the rechargable battery will often be higher than the one on your original battery. A higher mAH rating is indicative of a longer lasting (higher capacity) battery and will not cause any incompatibilities. Many of our batteries are available to you with varying capacity ratings. The higher rated batteries are known as extended batteries and are some (not all ) are physically larger than your original. These extended batteries have a longer life than the single life batteries and will fit your device. Some extended batteries come with a new back cover to accommodate for the increase of size. Please check images to see if a back cover is supplied, if a back cover is supplied then the battery will be physically larger.

Battery life

Actual battery run-time depends upon the power demands made by the device. In the case of Smart Phone or PDA, the use of the applications and the amount of processor activity will put additional drain upon the battery, effectively reducing the battery's run-time. The total run-time of the battery is also heavily dependent upon the design of the equipment. To ensure maximum performance of the Battery, optimize your device's power management features. Refer to your manual for further instructions.