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3.7V 1250mAh Medion MD96366 GPS / Sat Nav Batteries
Capacity (mAh) 1250

The capacity of the replacement battery is a measure of the amount of electrical charge it can store.

Generally, the capacity of our rechargeable batteries are higher than the battery it will replace.

Our batteries remain compatible with your device even if the capacity is different to the original.

Voltage (VDC) 3.7
Chemistry Lithium-ion battery (Li-ion)
Dimensions (mm)
Colour Black
Condition New
Brand CS Technology

Excellent brand battery that is 100% compatible with your device. This battery is built with quality cells and is complete with overcharge and short-circuit protection. All batteries meet strict CE safety standards.

Assurance and warranty This battery comes with a 12 month warranty and all orders are subject to a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee, please see our terms and conditions.
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This replacement battery is suitable for the devices listed below, please also check the list of compatible part numbers before purchasing your battery.

  • Medion GoPal P4410
  • Medion GoPal PNA150
  • Medion GoPal PNA315
  • Medion GoPal PNA315T
  • Medion GoPal PNA460
  • Medion GoPal PNA465
  • Medion GoPal PNA470
  • Medion GoPal PNA470T
  • Medion MD95023
  • Medion MD95058
  • Medion MD95069
  • Medion MD95083
  • Medion MD95084
  • Medion MD95085
  • Medion MD95119
  • Medion MD95145
  • Medion MD95157
  • Medion MD95232
  • Medion MD95241
  • Medion MD95242
  • Medion MD95243
  • Medion MD95300
  • Medion MD95330
  • Medion MD95350
  • Medion MD95392
  • Medion MD95891
  • Medion MD95949
  • Medion MD96054
  • Medion MD96080
  • Medion MD96112
  • Medion MD96130
  • Medion MD96132
  • Medion MD96174
  • Medion MD96180
  • Medion MD96188
  • Medion MD96193
  • Medion MD96205
  • Medion MD96220
  • Medion MD96250
  • Medion MD96252
  • Medion MD96269
  • Medion MD96270
  • Medion MD96271
  • Medion MD96272
  • Medion MD96274
  • Medion MD96297
  • Medion MD96309
  • Medion MD96365
  • Medion MD96366
  • Medion MD96368
  • Medion MD96372
  • Medion MD96390
  • Medion MD96392
  • Medion MD96404
  • Medion MD96454
  • Medion MD96473
  • Medion MD96475
  • Medion MD96492
  • Medion MD96505
  • Medion MD96507
  • Medion MD96571
  • Medion MD96597

This Li-ion battery replaces the original battery part numbers listed below. Please also check the list of compatible device models before purchasing your battery.

  • E3MC07135211