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Useful links to other sites and resources.


MoDaCo a great site for news and reviews on mobile phones and latest gadgets.

GSMArena again, another site full of up to date news on all manner of mobile technology.

Phone Arena is a site especially for our U.S. customers, these reviews are mainly for phones on U.S networks.

TomTom is where you will find software and firmware updates for your TomTom SatNav.

TomTom user forums.

For TomTom users, checkout the Which TomTom Device do I have page to make sure you are going to buy the correct battery.

MacRumors here you will find all kinds of information related to any Mac / Apple, need help with iPhones or a MacBook? this is the place to go. Everything you will ever need to know about BB can be found at Crackberry.

AV Forums is a great resource for all home entertainment issues that you might have. is an online community, written by the public. If you need general advice on repairs or more detailed information on the correct battery for your device, you will find some great information there.

If you are buying a battery for a Kindle, then making sure you know the exact model will ensure you purchase the correct battery, if you need to find the actual model you have then take a look here.